php 5 tutorial for beginners

hello friends in this post we will learn about php 5 tutorial for beginners then you able to make your self as php web developer so learn php 5 and create web.

php 5 tutorial for beginners

In this tutorial part we will learn about PHP 5. But its new version has come to php 7 tutorial, you will have to first read php 5 then you will be able to learn the latest version php 7.0 , so let's know about php 5.

What is php?

Php is Server side Scripting language and  high-level programming languages, it help to create Dynamic and more functionality website or web page. Many companies use it and it is very lightweight.

Why PHP?

First is very Lightweight and it's codes runs too faster than other language , second it can run on various platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc.) but This runs on Linux server, linux hosting is very Cheap and lightweight hosting. Some very popular companies use it in making CMS content management systems such as Joomla and WordPress

How Future Will Be In PHP

If You want to make yourself as web developer then you need to learn php because many Largest Company use to develop website. Your carrier much brighter in this language.

How to Start Learn PHP

First of all you have to know its basic, you have to learn step by step, in which you will need some software, I am giving you a link to the website to download it below.