PHP Install on PC

Hello Guys In This Post We will Learn about PHP Install on PC ,  We will leran about PHP Install on PC with help of php and mysql, do you want to learn this if yes then let's get started.

PHP Install on PC

Friends, if you want to install it, you do not need to manually install it, its complete package comes, that means the complete Web Server whose details are given below

  • WAMP ( If You have Windows OS then go for it) 

  • LAMP ( If You have Linux OS then go for it) 

  • XAMP (this is multi plataform web server.) 

  • MAMP (If You have Macintosh OS then go for it)  

What to do now?

First of all you have to install one upon the given web server and also download Notepad++ then you ready to use for developing web application with help of php and mysql.