PHP Introduction

Hello Guys In This Post We will Learn about PHP Introduction ,  We will leran about PHP Introduction with help of php and mysql, do you want to learn this if yes then let's get started.

PHP Introduction 

 Basically PHP is Server Side Scripting Language, it can make Dynamic and Functionality web application.

Which language to know for understanding PHP?

To understand this, you need to know two to three languages, whose details are given below

When you read the above tutorials, you can start  to learn Php Tutorial.

What is PHP?

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, Php is Server Side Scripting Language and high level programming language, it have Open Source,we  use it for web development.

What is a PHP File Extension and more?

Basically PHP file Extension have .php means that you can write code of PHP in normal notepad or Notepad++.

What Can PHP Do or not?

Php can make dynamic web page and Edit, Update and Delete Data from Database.

Why Leran PHP?

PHP can  runs in various platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc.), php basic platform is Linux  and linux server is very easy, lightweight and cheap.


<!DOCTYPE html>

echo "My first PHP script!";